Fly Screens for Windows and Doors

Premier Screens is a UK-based company and is a one-stop solution for high-quality fly screens and insect screens for windows and doors, suitable for businesses and homes. We have been manufacturing fly screens for over 30 years, supplying bespoke screens that will fit almost any door or window imaginable.

Our innovative and durable fly-screen solutions will help to keep your home or business fly-free.

Bespoke Fly Screens for Homes and Businesses

During the year’s warm months, we all want to open our windows and doors to enjoy the fresh air. With our range of insect screens for windows and doors you can enjoy the warm weather without having to worry about flying insects getting into your house or place of business.

Window Flyscreens

We offer a comprehensive selection of fly screens for windows tailored to fit a variety of window openings. Our range includes retractable roller fly screens that conveniently retract when not in use, hinged fly screens, and magnetic fly screens that have been designed for easy removal and storage.

Specifically designed for larger window openings, our sliding fly screens come with options for both horizontal and vertical configurations, to fit a variety of different window styles.

Flyscreen Doors

Fly screens are available for various door types, including pedestrian doors, french doors, patio doors, fire doors, and sliding doors. We offer a diverse range of insect screen door products designed to prevent flying insects from entering your premises.

With over 30 years of experience, we can ensure your spaces remain fly-free, and all of our screen products are fully compliant with Food Standards Agency guidelines.

Our fly screens are produced directly from our UK-based manufacturing centre, and we can offer great trade prices by eliminating reseller markups. Our extensive stock ranges allow for super-fast deliveries, even for bespoke fly screens.

Choose from our wide range of window and door screens including Pollen screens, Midge screens, and Pet Screens, along with various insect meshes in different colours and options.

What is a Fly Screen?

Fly screens, also known as insect screens, are a protective mesh or netting material that cover windows, doors, or other openings in buildings to prevent insects, such as flies, mosquitoes, bees, and other small pests, from entering while still allowing air and light to pass through. By letting fresh air flow through your rooms our range of screens lets you create a more tranquil atmosphere.

Explore our product selector for guidance on-screen recommendations for different types of openings:

window fly screens selector | fly screen doors selector

– Fly Screens for Windows –

The bespoke designed fly screens for windows that we supply are suitable for windows of all descriptions including hinged windows, center pivot, sash windows, UPVC windows, and conservatory windows, and our commercial range of insect screens are ideal for busy kitchen areas.

Just click on the models below to get more information on each type of insect screen.

Fly Screens

Magnetic Fly Screens
Easy clip-on and off magnetic fly screens for windows protecting against Mosquitoes, House Flies, Wasps, Bees, and all other types of flying insects.
Pollen, Midge, and toughened pet mesh are available in this range.

Fly screen hinges

Hinged Fly Screens
Hinged panel fly screens for windows, are suitable for commercial and home use and will protect against Mosquitoes, House Flies, Wasps, Bees,  and all types of flying insects.
Pollen, Midge, and toughened pet meshes are also available.

Roller fly screens

Roller Fly Screens 
Roller fly screens for windows suitable for businesses and homes, for protection against all types of flying insects. Easy to install and a no-drill option is available.
Pollen, Midge, and toughened pet mesh are available in this range.

Double horizontal sliding fly screen

Horizontal Sliding Fly Screens
Sliding fly screens for windows are suitable as commercial fly screens and for home use and will protect against Mosquitoes, House Flies, Wasps, Bees, etc.
Pollen, Midge, and toughened pet meshes are also available.

– Fly Screens for Doors –

Our fly screen door range has choices for both commercial and residential doorways. There are options for French doors, patio doors, commercial doors, and pedestrian doors to help keep out flying insects.

Roller fly screens are very popular on patio and french doors as they can cover wider areas, the hinged doors are great on pedestrian doors with a heavy-duty range suitable for commercial use.

Just select the appropriate fly screen door to get more information and an online quote

single roller fly screen doors

Roller Fly Screen Doors
Roller fly screens for doors are suitable for home use and will protect against Mosquitoes, House Flies, Wasps, Bees, Midges, and all types of flying insects.

Pollen and toughened pet meshes are also available.

double roller fly screen doors

Roller Fly Screens – Double
Double roller fly screen doors are suitable for wider doorways and will protect against Mosquitoes, House Flies, Wasps, Bees, Midges, and all types of flying insects.

Pollen and toughened pet meshes are also available.

Commercial hinged fly screen doors

Commercial Fly Screen Door

Commercial heavy-duty fly screen doors are ideal for busy kitchens and other business premises where they will be in constant use.

The fly screen doors come complete with stainless steel mesh and a heavy-duty grille, ready to be installed.

Commercial fly screen door

Panel Insect Screen Door

Our panel fly screen door is designed for use in business premises and homes where ventilation is needed but the risk of flying insects entering cannot be tolerated.

The fly screen doors are supplied ready assembled.

Heavy duty strip mesh fly screen

Commercial Strip Mesh Insect Screens
The strip mesh fly screen doors are suitable for commercial use and will protect against all general flying insects.

Manufactured from Suntex insect mesh, the ultra-durable polyester industrial fly mesh. 

Chain fly screens

Chain Screens 
The chain door fly screens allow easy access simply falling back into place protecting your rooms from flying insects

Suitable for commercial and residential doors and are also pet-friendly with an easy walk-through design.

PVC Strip Door

PVC Strip Curtain Door

Our high-quality PVC strip curtain fly screen doors help to keep flies and insects out whilst maintaining a steady temperature and consistent airflow in any building.

Perfect to keep heat in during winter months or keep rooms cool in summer without annoying flies.

Perforated PVC strip door

Perforated PVC Strip Curtains

High-quality perforated PVC strip curtains for general pedestrian doorways and openings.

Perforated PVC strip curtains are ideal for busy catering environments where you need ventilation to keep cool air flowing around rooms and provide maximum visibility through the door, vital in a busy kitchen.

– Fly Mesh –

fly mesh

Fly Mesh
Fly mesh is available in Grey, Black and White colours either per metre or in full rolls 30 x 1.2 metres wide

Midge fly mesh

Midge Mesh
Midge mesh is available in Grey and Black  either per metre or in full rolls 30 x 1.2 metres wide

pet mesh

Pet Mesh
Toughened fly mesh is available in Black and White per metre for added protection against pets

pollen mesh

Pollen Mesh
Pollen mesh is available in Grey, per metre to help protect against airborne allergy pollen particles

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Bespoke Fly Screens for Businesses and Homes

All of our insect screens are manufactured from aluminium and then finished in a polyester coating. As a result, this makes the screen frames suitable for indoor or outdoor use, making them ultra-durable and easy to keep clean, which means the screens will last for many years protecting you from flies and saving you money.

Insect Mesh

We have a choice of different types of insect mesh from mosquito mesh and pet mesh to superfine midge mesh and pollen mesh so you can choose your preferred level of protection. Replacement insect mesh is available by the metre or in full roll quantities.

Whether you are looking for a DIY magnetic fly screen kit for the home, or you would like a made-to-measure, professionally installed fly screen system for business premises, our products will deliver years of exceptional performance without any expensive maintenance or cleaning costs.

No matter how many screens you require we will provide you with our high-quality service and expertise, so if you have any questions drop us an e-mail providing as much information as possible so we can assist you with your inquiry.

For an online quotation and to order bespoke manufactured insect screens just go to the individual product pages and from there you can enter your dimensions, get an instant quote, and place your order for direct delivery within a few days.

– Frequently Asked Questions –

What is a Fly Screen / Insect Screen?

A fly screen, also known as an insect screen, is a protective mesh or netting material that is installed over windows, doors, or other openings in buildings to prevent insects, such as flies, mosquitoes, and other small pests, from entering while still allowing air and light to pass through. They will also stop dirt, leaves, birds, and spiders from entering buildings. Fly screens are typically made from materials like fiberglass, aluminum, or other synthetic materials and come in various designs and sizes to fit different types of windows and doors.

Overall, fly screens are a simple yet effective solution to maintain comfort and hygiene in spaces while enjoying fresh air and natural light.

What is the best type of fly screen to use?

  1. Fiberglass Mesh: This is a cost-effective option that provides good visibility and airflow and it’s resistant to corrosion and staining providing long life.
  2. Roller Window Screens: These screens are pulled down when needed and can be retracted, providing a clear view when not in use.  They are easy to operate and can be a good option for various window types.
  3. Magnetic Insect Screens: These attach to the window frame using magnets, they are easy to install and remove.
  4. Pet-Resistant Screens: If you have pets, consider screens that have the toughened mesh option for durability.

Do fly screens keep mosquitoes out?

Yes, fly screens are effective at keeping mosquitoes and other flying insects out of your home. The mesh used in fly screens is designed to be fine enough to prevent the entry of small insects, including mosquitoes. When installed properly on windows and doors, fly screens create a barrier that allows fresh air to flow into your home while keeping mosquitoes and other pests outside. Our easy-view mesh will keep out mosquitoes and our midge and toughened meshes will also keep out smaller flying insects.

Which colour of fly mesh is the easiest to see through?

The best colour of fly mesh for your window fly screen will depend on your personal preference and the purpose of the fly screen, but the darker meshes offer the best visibility. This is because darker materials absorb light whereas lighter materials will reflect light making it harder to see through. So black / charcoal mesh will offer the best visibility and white mesh the least visibility.

Are fly screens worth having?

Yes, as they keep flies out of areas and allow fresh air to circulate improving ventilation and air quality whilst reducing your carbon footprint as you can turn off the cooling fan or air conditioning unit. Consider installing fly screen doors and window fly screens sometime soon.

Can you get fly screens in the UK?

Yes, directly from a UK manufacturer, Bespoke fly screens supplied and installed.

How to choose the best fly screen for your needs? 

This will depend on several factors, such as:

The size and shape of the window or door, and the available space for the screen.
The type and number of insects or pests that you want to keep out, and the level of protection that you need.
The style and design of the screen, and how it matches the decor and theme of your home or business premises.
The budget and preference that you have for the screen, and the availability and quality of the screen in the market.

How do I clean and maintain my fly screens?

The cleaning and maintenance of fly screens depends on the type and material of the screen and the frequency and intensity of use. However, some general tips are:

Remove the screen from the window or door, and shake off any dust or debris.
Use a soft brush, a vacuum cleaner, or a damp cloth to gently wipe the screen, and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive tools that may damage the screen.
Rinse the screen with water, and let it dry completely before reinstalling it.
Replace the screen if it is torn, worn, or faded.

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