Sliding Fly Screens for University

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Kingston University

Sliding Fly Screens for University

Sliding Fly Screens London

How our sliding fly screen system was used at Kingston University to prevent flies from entering the halls of residence

The site

The halls of residence at Kingston University, London

The requirement

Eight blocks of flats are provided for the students at Kingston University, London. The flats are situated within a woodland and have the Hogsmill river passing between the buildings. This has resulted in swarms of flies and midges getting access into the buildings and causing a nuisance and biting hazard

There were two types of windows in the buildings, hinged opening outwards and velux in the roof top rooms. As the windows would be used by many different students it was important to select a system that was going to be effective and durable

The solution

Our roller fly screen system was chosen for the velux windows as they offered the most effective solution, utilising the minimal space available

Our sliding fly screen system was chosen for the hinged windows as they were the slimmest version on the market, and offered the easiest operation. We were chosen as the best supplier as we have the track record with over 25 years in the trade and have the capacity to both produce and install the 300+ screens within a 3 week period when the halls were empty

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