Commercial Fly Screen Door

Commercial Fly Screen Door

Our commercial fly screen door is ultra durable, specifically designed for high traffic use in commercial kitchens and other commercial premises where ventilation is needed but the risk of flying insects entering cannot be tolerated.

The doors are supplied ready assembled to your bespoke dimensions, ready to be installed protecting you from flying insects

Robust 50mm x 15mm aluminium section framing, mitred corners riveted together make this door the strongest available on the market

The fly screen door will come ready assembled to your bespoke dimensions and is a universal fitting, you simply screw the metal hinges on the required side and then fix to your existing door frame or sub frame.

Our charcoal mosquito mesh is installed in this door and it comes complete with a base kick plate, centre push plate and a self closer

Quick Reminder – if you select a sub frame then this will be the overall dimension ordered with a door to suit


  • A ready assembled panel fly screen door to your bespoke dimensions
  • Two metal hinges – allow 25mm to fit the hinges
  • One external handle
  • A brush strip for the base to keep all insects and rodents out
  • One self closer
  • Sub frame if selected


fly screen doors          ESTIMATED DELIVERY 6 WORKING DAYS


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Heavy Duty Fly Screen Door Frame


Commercial quality heavy duty 50 x 15mm aluminium frames finished in white or brown. Mitred corners with riveted internal strengtheners for durability.

Fly screen door middle push bar


The commercial doors come assembled with a mid bar providing additional strength and protection to the mesh

Fly screen door base kick plate to help protect the mesh


The base kick plate will protect the door and mesh, it is particularly useful where staff are coming in and out carrying goods and then use their feet to push open the door

Automatic Door Closer


The automatic door closer that is supplied as standard with these doors will close the door behind you at a controlled speed

The speed at which the door closes can be adjusted by simply turning a small screw

You can also hold the door in an open position by sliding the slip collar along the opener shaft

Removable fly screen door hinges


The doors can be removed for cleaning, or winter storage, by simply removing the pins and then the fly screen door can be lifted off the hinges

Fly screen door handle


Each door comes with a handle for external opening, the closer will close the door behind you

Fly screen door sub frame to clear door handles


The optional sub frame will enable you to build out your existing door frame by 50mm which will enable the fly screen door to close proud of most popular door handles, click here for more information

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