Single Roller Fly Screen Door

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Horizontal Single Cassette Roller Fly Screen for Doors

One of the most popular products that we supply is the retractable roller fly screen doors. These contemporary fly screens can be custom-made to fit most types of doors imaginable ranging from sliding and bi-fold doors to single, double, and French or conservatory doors. They can be fitted inside or outside as they are manufactured from aluminium and are completely weatherproof. Our fly screen doors are suitable for fixing onto wood, UPVC, and metal door frames.

Our retractable roller fly screen systems offer an excellent level of privacy whilst remaining easy to see through from the inside. As well as keeping out flying insects and other small pests they are also effective against reflecting harmful UV sunlight and will also help to keep out the vast majority of airborne pollutants giving your rooms a more relaxing atmosphere.

Features of our roller fly screen doors include:

  • Spring tensioned mesh that resists sagging
  • Polyester-coated frames that resist chipping and scratching
  • Decor grey mesh that doesn’t block out the light
  • Option of our 20/30 midge mesh to help keep out smaller flies
  • Retraction brakes are available to prevent the door from snapping back into the cassette
  • Option of wind pile for windy areas to keep the mesh in position
  • Adjustable end caps to allow for 10mm tolerance when measuring for a recess fit
  • Wheelchair friendly options
  • Stronger toughened mesh is available
  • Provides protection from UV light as well as insects that will help protect furnishings and carpets from fading
  • Suitable for openings up to 1500mm wide

The roller fly screen doors are really simple to install, the cassette will be pre-cut and built to your dimensions and along with the guides and magnetic enclosure, you simply slot the 4 components together as you install them onto your door.

Enjoy the full benefits of a cool summer breeze on the hottest of days without the intrusion of harmful flies and insects.
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fly screen information

Measuring Guide

Technical Drawings

Installation Instructions

Insect Mesh Specification

insect mesh options


There is a choice of our new ‘EASY VIEW’ mosquito mesh which has 18/16 strands that will keep out most types of flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, spiders, etc and it is available in grey decor mesh. Our ‘easy view’ mesh allows excellent visibility and good airflow to keep your rooms cool.

midge mesh options


The midge mesh has a finer weave and it will help to keep out most small midges, as well as the larger flies. This mesh has been specifically designed for use in our roller fly screen system and it has 20/30 weave with the aim of maximising airflow but helping to keep out the smaller midge type flies, even the Scottish midge!

insect mesh options


Our toughened mesh has a finer weave 20/30 and an additional coating that will help to protect against the occasional pet claw swipes.

The roller fly screen doors are not designed to keep pets indoors and as pets are individuals and we cannot guarantee that a pet could not get through the mesh and so we would recommend using additional measures to keep pets indoors and to let them get accustomed to the mesh screen.

Flush Fitting Profiles


Face fit – this option is where the screen will be installed directly onto the door frames

Recess fit – the door will be installed into the recess surrounding the door

Insect mesh options


All our roller fly screen ranges now come with Sunox mesh as standard which is naturally antibacterial. Sunox mesh filters the air, preventing the formation of germs and bacteria and reducing the presence of polluting particles in the air.

expanding end caps


The recess fit option has end caps and springs that will allow for a 10 mm tolerance on your measurements.

Brake System


The brake system slows down the retraction of the mesh which enables you to let go of the mesh and let it retract automatically without it snapping back into the cassette, this helps to prolong the mesh life and protect it from damage.

Lift up base bar


This option allows you to raise the bottom guide track to leave a flush entrance/exit, especially useful if you need wheelchair access. Please note that the standard lift hinge will be for a right-hand fit door, you can request a left-hand hinge on the order page under ‘delivery instructions’

Roller fly screen guides


The side guides have an integral brush pile which ensures a complete seal with the insect mesh so no insects can pass through, the base guide is 23 x 22mm as below

Roller fly screen side guides with wind pile


If you live in a windy area then consider having our interlocking wind pile installed, the filaments lock into the mesh to help hold it in position in windy conditions

easy glide roller fly screens


Wheels at the base of the roller to make it easy to pull out and retract the mesh

magnetic closers


Full-height magnetic strips ensure both the double and single rollers stay firmly closed

sturdy aluminium frames


3mm aluminium sections make our profiles the strongest on the market.

Roller fly screen doors video


Click on the image for a short video on the roller fly screens for doors

How to measure for fly screens


Click Here for instructions on taking measurements for your roller fly screens

Customer Reviews

We believe that every customers experience with our company should be excellent, occasionally we ask our customers to provide feedback on their experience, these are some of the responses we have received…. more customer reviews

Lovely looking once installed almost invisible. I'd recommend having the brakes installed as it slows down the mesh and having arthritis it means I can let go of the door.
Peter Long
The double roller fly screens doors look great on my conservatory, very happy!
Lynne Mace
I installed a set of double roller fly screens to my French doors, fairly straightforward installation and they look great and operate smoothly
Jean Charles