Plisse Fly Screens

Plisse fly screens have a concertinaed mesh that folds back into the cassette. They have a low threshold guide at the base which makes them ideal for flush-fitting floors and wheelchair access. The cassette isn’t spring retracted so the mesh can be left open/closed or in any position which makes the plisse fly screen easy to operate and very versatile.

To get a quote for the plisse fly screens we would need the width and height required and a picture of your doorway so we can assess if the door is suitable.


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plisse fly screens for wide doors


Plisse fly screens are suitable for all types of doorways but especially for wider openings

plisse fly screens Plisse fly screen from the outside, 2 cassettes meeting in the centre
plisse fly screens Plisse fly screens viewed from the inside
folding fly screens The plisse fly screens are suitable for wide openings and can be supplied in a range of colours to match existing doors
part open fly screens Plisse fly screens are very versatile and easy to operate and can be left partly open or closed
low base guides The plisse fly screens have a very low base guide which allows easy access on flush doorways, great for children and disabled access with no trip hazard!
fly screen information

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