Fly Screens for United Utilities

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United Utilities

Fly Screens for United Utilities

How our roller fly screens system was used to reduce carbon footprint

roller fly screens on office windows

The sites

Water treatment plants throughout the Northwest of England

The requirement

Flies are an obvious problem around wastewater treatment plants, with very small owl midges and drain flies, and until recently the on-site offices had air conditioning installed in them. With a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint, and reduce emissions, United Utilities were looking for new ways to keep the offices cool without using power.

roller fly screens

The solution

To be able to open the windows and let fresh air in to keep the offices cool rather than using air conditioning our roller fly screen system was chosen for the opening windows as it offered the versatility of keeping the flies out in summer and being almost invisible when retracted in winter, so natural light wasn’t affected in the office environment in winter.

After a trial period, the roller fly screens have now been rolled out to all water treatment plants, as the quality and effectiveness of the fly screens exceeded their expectations

fly screens for united utilities

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