Magnetic Fly Screens for Windows

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Our magnetic fly screens are highly durable and simple to maintain, perfect for those hot summer months where a steady flow of cool air is always a welcome addition to any room. This range of magnetic fly screen is unique to our company, as well as keeping the flies out of your home or place of work, our magnetic insect screens for windows will not block out natural light or obstruct your view. Magnetic fly screens are a popular type of fly screen that provides a convenient and efficient way to keep flies and other insects out of your home.

Magnetic fly screens are designed to attach to the window frame using magnets, allowing for easy installation and removal.

The main advantage of magnetic fly screens is their simplicity and versatility. The magnets create a strong seal, keeping the screen firmly attached to the window or door frame while still allowing for easy access when needed. The magnetic attachment also ensures that the screen remains in place, even in windy conditions.

One of the key benefits of magnetic fly screens is their ease of use. They can be quickly and easily installed and the magnetic attachment makes it simple to remove and reattach the screens whenever desired, allowing for easy cleaning or storage during seasons when insect protection is not required.

Magnetic fly screens are also a cost-effective solution. Compared to other types of fly screens, they are generally more affordable and offer good value for money. Additionally, their durability ensures that they can withstand regular use and last for an extended period.

Another advantage of magnetic fly screens is their unobtrusive design. They are usually slim and lightweight, blending seamlessly with the existing window or door frame. This ensures that the screens do not obstruct the view or interfere with the aesthetics of your home. Additionally, magnetic fly screens are available in various sizes and can be easily custom-fitted to fit different window dimensions.

Designed for ease of use and offering an effective insect screen solution to keep out flies, mosquitoes, midges, wasps, spiders and all types of flying and crawling insects. Magnetic fly screens are suitable for homes and business use and the insect screens can be installed directly onto the window frame or surrounding walls, inside or outside, totally weatherproof!

There is a ranghe of mesh colours and grades to choose, from mosquito fly mesh, finer midge insect mesh, pet fly mesh and pollen mesh.

In addition to creating a comfortable living or working environment, our magnetic window fly screen systems are also fully approved by the Food Standards Agency which means they are the ideal choice for food manufacturers, hotel kitchens and busy restaurants.

Enter the overall finished panel size required for an instant quote, the frames will come pre-cut ready to assemble – no cutting required!


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Magnetic Fly Screen


Magnetic fly screen panels are suitable for commercial and residential use and are easy to install and remove. The screen has a robust aluminium frame and four corner pieces which each have a magnetic plate in their recess. These magnetic plates secure the frame to the corresponding magnets which are placed onto the window frame. Insect Mesh is secured into the frame by pushing a rubber gasket into the groove on the rear of the frame, this creates a tight seal that holds the mesh in place.

Magnetic fly screen frames


The magnetic fly screen frame is extruded 30mm aluminium with a 2mm wall, finished in a scratch-resistant polyester coating which makes it easy to clean, especially important in commercial situations. The screens are available as self-assembly kits or ready-assembled and the kits can be ordered to your bespoke dimensions so you have no cutting to carry out.

Magnetic fly screen corner magnets


The four corner pieces have a recessed magnetic plate installed into them. Magnets are then secured to the window frame and the panel simply ‘clips’ onto the magnets

Magnetic fly screens


The image shows the sizes of the frame from the top and face

No Sawing


All of our screens come pre-cut to your ordered dimensions, no need to reach for the saw!

Insect mesh options  


We offer a choice of meshes suitable for all applications;
Easy view mosquito mesh which will keep out all flying insects and spiders, apart from midges. The mesh allows excellent visibility and good airflow to keep your room cool.
Midge mesh keeps out all the large flies and the smaller midges and corn flies.
Pet Mesh which will keep out all flying insects and spiders, apart from midges, the pet mesh has a stronger weave to help protect against occasional pet claw swipes.

pollen mesh options


Pollen mesh keeps out flies and also pollen and other allergens. Our pollen mesh is Certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) and prevents the access of airborne particles and is invaluable for hay fever sufferers. This product comes with our personal guarantee of effectiveness as a hay fever sufferer I can now sleep with my windows open! The mesh is a knitted polyester weave of 80 microns with a 0.8 aperture and is available in a grey colour.

Sunox Mesh


Our magnetic fly screen range now comes with Sunox mesh as standard which is naturally antibacterial. Sunox mesh filters the air, preventing the formation of germs and bacteria and reducing the presence of polluting particles in the air.

How to measure for fly screens


Click Here for instructions on taking measurements for your magnetic fly screens

Magnetic fly screen video


Click on the image for a short video on the magnetic fly screens

Customer Reviews

We believe that every customer’s experience with our company should be excellent, occasionally we ask our customers to provide feedback on their experience, and these are some of the responses we have received…. more customer reviews

Magnetic fly screens with pollen mesh. The product is good quality and has been a massive help during hay fever season.
Michael Sanchez
My order was delivered quickly and was well packaged. As promised the magnetic screens arrived cut to size and are so easy to use.
Leon Ros
I purchased the magnetic fly screen with the pollen mesh option, they've been great through the unseasonable warm weather
Antonia Strott

Magnetic Fly Screens

What will I receive in the kit?

All of our magnetic fly screen kits will come with all the necessary components to complete one fly screen to the size ordered.

There will be four aluminium frames finished in a white polyester coating, which will be cut to your exact dimensions so you don’t have to carry out any cutting – let us carry out the cutting on our precise laser machines for a perfect finish.

Four magnetic push in corner pieces to assemble the screen panel.

Four circular magnets to hold the fly screen panel in place, complete with screws.

Enough mesh to complete the fly screen a mesh insertion tool and a rubber gasket to hold the mesh firmly in place. You have the choice of our four colours of fly mesh, charcoal mesh, grey mesh, sand mesh and green mesh. There is also a choice of pet mesh, pollen mesh and midge meshes for the smallest of flies, all of which are easily cleaned by simply vacuuming.

The kits are available in any size you require and are pre-cut to your ordered dimensions, no messing around with hacksaws, just simply open the package and assemble the screen. However, if you would prefer to cut them yourself just order an oversized screen.