Heavy Duty Strip Mesh Fly Screens for Doors

£155.00 + vat

Our heavy duty strip mesh fly screens for doors have been designed to be installed onto single doors and double doors on commercial premises. The heavy duty fly screen strips are suitable for heavy traffic areas allowing a healthy flow of fresh summer air whilst keeping out flies, wasps, mosquitoes, midges, moths and all types of flying insects. They will help to keep kitchens, food storage areas and all other rooms completely fly free the whole year round, complying with all Food Safety Regulations.

Constructed from 403 grade stainless steel components – they can be used in the harshest of conditions, as endorsed by P&O ferries, even in salty sea air!

Stainless steel hanging plates are riveted onto the fly mesh strip panels and then these are hooked onto the stainless steel header rail, which is screwed into the head of the door frame above the opening. The heavy duty strip mesh fly screen panels overlap each other to maintain the protective barrier against flying insects, and are easily removed for cleaning.

So, an ultra-durable fly screen mesh combined with the ability to remove each individual strip and be able to power wash them or put them through an industrial dishwasher and you have the most versatile heavy duty fly screen door available.

These heavy duty strip mesh fly screens are manufactured to your exact measurements so all you have to do is screw the header rail onto the frame and hang the strips in position, minutes to install, years of trouble free maintenance.

In addition to keeping your working environment insect free the whole year round, our heavy duty screens also keep out other pollutants and debris such as leaves – without blocking out natural daylight or the flow of fresh air, helping to create a comfortable atmosphere which is highly productive and enjoyable to work in.

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Heavy duty strip fly screen door


Overlapping panels that create a continuous barrier against flying insects but are easy to walk through.

The strips are 200mm wide with a soft sewn edging strip and they simply fall back into place.

Stainless steel hanging rails


430 grade stainless steel header bars for easy installation of the strip mesh fly doors, simply hook on and off

Header plates


Hook on/off durable stainless steel header plates suitable for heavy duty use in catering environments. The 30% overlap covers one finger of the hanging rail on either side

Header plates


The option of 50% overlap covers two fingers of the hanging rail on either side which is advisable in windy areas

Suntex mesh


The heavy duty strip mesh fly screen doors are manufactured from Suntex insect mesh, the ultra-durable polyester industrial fly mesh. Soft sewn edges so they won’t hurt anyone as they walk through them and permanent sewn in weights to ensure the strip remains in position,

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