Chain Fly Screens For Doors

Chain Fly Screens For Doors

£68.00 + vat

Highly functional yet easy to maintain, our chain fly screens for doors are modern and stylish and are suitable for businesses and homes. The metal chain fly screens are simple to clean and the perfect choice for anyone seeking to keep flies and other winged insects out of the kitchen or living room on the hottest of days of the year whilst allowing a cool breeze to circulate freely. Easy to hang and remove, simply roll the screen up and store for winter!

In addition to providing chain door fly screens for smaller doorways, we also offer larger aluminium insect screens for bigger entrances. Our aluminium screens are supplied made to measure and are suitable for conservatory, patio, commercial kitchen or any doorway that you need to screen. We also manufacture the fly screens for use as room dividers and as large scale displays.

We can manufacture the chain screens to any dimension you may require in our durable, fully anodised aluminium which is guaranteed to be totally rust proof and can be used inside and outside, protecting your home or business property from all types of flying

Our standard colours are Silver and Gunmetal Grey which are UV stabilised and will not fade in the sun unlike the brighter colours. We also manufacture these screens in striped patterns which are functional and visually attractive.

Once fitted, our durable fly chain screen systems will allow easy access through any public doorway or corridor whilst additionally blocking out airborne debris such as leaves.

How will the door arrive?

It will be ready assembled to your ordered dimensions and come with pan head screws and brackets so you can choose how you wish to hang the door.

Are there any differences in Chain quality?

Yes, you will find that the cheaper the screen then the lighter the actual chain wire will be. The diameter of the chain can vary from less than 1mm to 2.2mm resulting in less weight which will allow flies to enter as the chains move around more freely. The cost of the chain is based on the weight of the Aluminium used, so the lower the cost the lighter the chain. Also to be totally rust proof they need to be properly anodised, again most cheaper options aren’t fully anodised, but this will only show over time.


What measurements do I order?

The overall width and height including the top hanging bar which is 45mm, the height will go from the top of the bar to the base of the chains.

Overall Width (mm)
Overall Height (mm)
Chain Colour


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Chain Fly Screens


High quality anodised aluminium chains that are designed to give a smooth ‘soft touch’ feel that are tangle free and anti snagging. Unlike cheaper brands our links are highly anodised and polished to give a super smooth finish that will continue to look new after years of use

Easy Access Fly Screens


The chain fly screens allow easy access simply falling back into place protecting your rooms from flying insects
They are suitable for commercial and residential doors and windows and are also pet friendly with an easy walk through design

Chain fly screen technical info


The hanging bar is 45mm deep, the chain link size is 12 x 24mm and the anodised chain is 2.2mm in diameter.
The weight of the chain is 3.8kg’s per sq metre.
Breaking strain of the chain links is 23kg’s

Pet Friendly Chain Fly Screens


Our pet friendly chain fly screens are suitable for commercial and domestic doorways keeping flying insects out, allowing fresh air to flow indoors and providing a degree of privacy from the outside but easy to see through from inside.

Fly Screens


The chains are available in bright silver and gunmetal grey

Conservatory Chain Fly Screens


Our chain fly screens can be manufactured to any dimension required, the screens will come in 2 sections for openings larger than 1400mm

Room Dividers Chain Screens


Chain fly screens are very versatile and have been used as room dividers

Decorative Chain Screens


Chain fly screens as displays. We have manufactured many display chain curtains and our largest project was for a west end opera where we created a backdrop for a stage using over 30,000 metres of chain at display lengths of over 8 metres in length.

Chain Fly Screen Fixings


There are 2 ways to hang a chain fly screen, either by the brackets which are fixed to the head of the door or with screws, again in the head of the door and the lip of the hanging bar sits on top of the screw heads

Fly Screen Hanging Bracket


The image shows the hanging bracket option for the chain fly screen

How to measure for fly screens


Click on the image to watch a video on the chain fly screens


  • Easy to order- just measure the size of the opening . Easy to put up - Who knew it was easy to get screws into UPVC!? Order arrived very quickly and I am really pleased. This was the cheapest place I found for a made to measure patio doorway

    tania berlow

    Lovely looking once installed almost invisible. I'd recommend having the brakes installed as it slows down the mesh and having arthritis it means I can let go of the door.

    Peter Long

    The roller fly screens look great on my windows, not the cheapest option but great quality.

    Iris Gloria

    Perforated PVC strip door, great product, easy to fit and maintain

    Kelvin Justice

    Chain Fly Screens, great product fast delivery ready to hang, no messing around with assembly!

    Declan Stewart

    I purchased some roller fly screens for my home, very high quality product, I can see why they supply so many large companies, highly recommended.

    Kenneth Duda

    The hinged fly screens have good quality sturdy frames, excellent for use in my commercial kitchen.

    Merrill Huston

    Magnetic fly screens with pollen mesh. The product is good quality and has been a massive help during hay fever season.

    Michael Sanchez

    I purchased the roller fly screens for my windows. Very pleased with the quality and delivery was super-fast and they look great once installed almost invisible.

    Gary Smith
  • My order was delivered quickly and was well packaged. As promised the magnetic screens arrived cut to size and are so easy to use.

    Leon Ros

    Purchased some hinged fly screens to keep my cats indoors, Andy was very helpful in recommending the correct screen and they have kept my cats safe. Super fast delivery and the screens came ready cut to size so they just slot together, easy for a DIY novice like me!

    Gary Murray

    Commercial purchase of panel fly screens for a busy industrial kitchen. Strong aluminium frames which will stand up to the daily use, great product easy to assemble.

    নেইমার বস

    My chain screen arrived very quickly, ready assembled, quick easy installation and looks great in the gunmetal colour.

    Garry Baines

    The double roller fly screens doors look great on my conservatory, very happy!

    Lynne Mace

    I purchased the magnetic fly screen with the pollen mesh option, they've been great through the unseasonable warm weather

    Antonia Strott

    We purchased the screens for use in our nursery business kitchen, very pleased with the quality, good strong frames, easy to assemble and install

    Tanna Babcock

    Super fast delivery of an excellent product that was a breeze to install, highly recommended.

    Lashawn Mccool

    Very pleased with the service received from Premier Screens.The owner of this company was very helpful in explaining everything about their products, extremely professional and communicative to all of my needs. A++ to their services.

    Margaret Diaz
  • Terrific experience with Premier screens Ltd. I called them for the installation of commercial fly screen door at my office. Quotations were fair without any extra charges and no upselling. Installation process was very smooth from beginning to end. Please thank your team for the swift installation.

    Briana Turner

    I called them at Thursday morning to inquire about the best quality mesh which well suited to my house. They visited my home and suggested the most suitable screen for my windows and doors. Entire process was very smooth with them and quality of their materials was top-notch. I am so pleased with them. Highly recommended!

    Eddie R

    I ordered the fly mesh roll that measures 30 by 1.8 mts, really fast delivery and a great product. Extremely pleased with Premier screen services.

    Keshawn F

    I installed a set of double roller fly screens to my French doors, fairly straightforward installation and they look great and operate smoothly

    Jean Charles

    Fast delivery great product

    Byron Jason

    I have seven windows in my top-floor apartment and wanted to have fresh air without the flies that often accompany open windows. I found this company on the web and decided to order three magnetic screens as a trial. They arrived within three working days. Assembly of the frames was simplicity itself even getting the mesh tight in the frames was quite easy. Attaching the magnets to the window frame can be tricky if you have secondary glazing or decorative trim but the product is very well-made and feels solid, not cheap or low-quality. I can highly recommend these screens.

    Sheryl Gina

    The hinged fly screen was easy to assemble and is a great product, highlyrecommended.

    Antonio Bill

    I want to congratulate the candid and responsive staff of Premier Screens Ltd for their expertise and capability. You people guided me honestly for the fly screens of my business. I strongly recommend this company for any fly screens required.

    Latasha Morgan

    Premier Screens helped us to get customized screens for our place. We selected a sliding fly screen system for the hinged windows on our site as they were the finest version on the market and offered the most comfortable operation. The entire screening system is effective and durable, which makes it cost-effective. Their representatives presented on time, and synchronization and communication were first-rate within the team. The installers were neat, courteous, and skilled. Our home is so comfortable now that it's like paradise here. Thanks for your unbelievable efforts.

    Eric Umali
  • The crew is very polite, extraordinarily brilliant, and ensuring that no damage is done during the installation process. The quotes are reasonable, and customer service is splendid!

    Jennifer Ford

    Premier Screens offered several options for our windows, and we choose the right one. The mesh material used was of top quality, and customer service is unmatchable. The crew is highly experienced and expert to know what materials and manufacturers to use to give excellent results. Thanks.

    Tucker Turner

    All I can say is flawless service, as our busy commercial kitchen required a sturdy, high-quality screen for flies and insects. Premier Screens Ltd. is the leader in insect screen to avail us all the help and advice we need to make our working environment safe, comfortable, and insect-free. They provide us with a comprehensive solution that is entirely compliant with the Food Standards Agency guidelines. Big thanks to the entire team!

    Bennett P

    The team successfully installed a roller screen for our windows as they are the best solution for our flat and occupying the minimum space available.

    Kelly Woods

    We had a pleasant experience in the process of choosing and installing the screens at our commercial site.

    Aimee Soto

    I ordered a double roller fly screen door, it arrived in 3 days and was very easy to install. It looks very good quality, and if we get a summer, will keep the flies out!

    Paul Winters