Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What size of fly mesh do I use to keep Wasps out?

Our general 18 x 16 insect mesh will keep out wasps and it is available in Charcoal, Grey and White colours.

Which Fly screens are best?

The best quality fly screens will have aluminium frames that don’t rust and PVC coated fibreglass that doesn’t corrode providing years of insect protection.

Which size of insect mesh is best for Mosquitoes?

The 18 x 16 fly mesh is best suited for mosquitoes and general flies as it will provide the best balance between flying insect exclusion and allowing good ventilation and airflow.

Which fly mesh is best for keeping out midges?

Our smaller gauge insect mesh works best for keeping out smaller flies and midges having a 30/20 weave. This mesh is available in our panel / magnetic fly screens and in our roller fly screen range.

How do I measure for a window fly screen?

We have a handy guide that can be downloaded from our website which shows you how to measure for window fly screens. There are 2 separate guides, one for hinged and magnetic fly screens and one for the roller fly screen range.

How do I measure for door fly screens?

There is a handy guide available to download which shows you how to measure for a roller fly screen door

How long does fly screen mesh last?

Our insect mesh has a life span of between 10 – 15 years under normal use conditions but this can be shortened if it is used in harsh conditions.

How do the roller fly screens work?

The insect mesh is housed inside the aluminium cassette out of view and is kept taut by a tensioned spring, which is out of view, inside the cassette. The end of the mesh is held by a handlebar which enables you to draw the mesh out of the cassette and down over the open window. From the head of the cassette down to the window sill are two side guides, which allow the mesh to travel along and also create a seal to help prevent any flies from entering your room.

Once the mesh has been pulled down to cover the window, the handlebar is held in place by clips that are fixed into the side guides, these prevent the mesh from retracting until you are ready to close the screen. When you release the handlebar from the clips the retraction spring takes the mesh back into the cassette.