Hinged Door Fly Screen Kits

£150.00 + vat

Our range of hinged door fly screen kits are suitable for commercial and residential doors offering an effective fly screening solution for all types of doorways to keep out flies, mosquitoes, wasps, midges and all other types of flying insects to keep your rooms fly free throughout the year.

Once fitted, our hinged insect screen door products will provide many years of trouble free performance, allowing sunlight and fresh summer air to flow freely into any living space or
work area whilst keeping insects and other airborne debris such as leaves and pollen out.

The screens are easy to assemble and our quick easy installation makes the hinged fly screen doors a popular choice. Once installed the fly screen doors form a fully sealed unit to the door frame, and the profiles have an integral brush pile to ensure that no flies
can enter your rooms.

Our aluminium fly screen doors are also highly stylish and the mesh is virtually invisible which means you can easily see outside when they are closed. This range of insect screen comes with the Grey mesh as standard but you can also install the pet mesh, pollen mesh
and midge meshes for the smallest of flies, all of which are easily cleaned.

What will I receive in the kit?

  • You will receive all the components necessary to build a fully operable fly screen door ready to hang on your door frame
  • The doors are suitable for openings up to 1000mm wide x 2200mm high and can be cut down to any smaller size required, this can be done with a normal hacksaw and there are no mitred corners to cut
  • There will be all the aluminium profiles for the outer frame, 2 aluminium bar cross sections and an aluminium base kick plate to protect the mesh. The aluminium frames are a 45mm box section finished in a white polyester coating
  • Two sets of spring loaded hinges to hang the door
  • Two magnetic catches to keep the door closed, and two handles one for inside and one outside to open and close the door
  • Your choice of mesh to insert into the door along with the mesh insertion tool and rubber gasket to hold the mesh in place

Simply build and install, no further components are necessary.

You will receive all the components necessary to assemble and hang the fly screen door.

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Fly Screen Doors


Aluminium framed hinged panel fly screens for doorways.

Handles on both sides of the door


The doors come with handles inside and out

Base kick plate to protect the mesh


Our doors come with integral kick plates to help protect the mesh and keep rodents out

Strong aluminium box section frame


Strong aluminium box section frames, easily slot together, no mitres to cut

Magnetic catches to hold the door closed


Our doors come with two magnetic catches to hold the door closed

Door Closer


Optional door closers are available for the hinged fly screen doors

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