Insect Mesh

Insect Mesh

Premier Screens have a wide range of insect mesh manufactured and ready for delivery in the UK. Our high quality fly mesh is manufactured to the leading industry standards and carries the CE mark of quality.

The insect mesh is suitable for all types of window and door fly screens and as it is rot proof, and available as fire retardant, it is used extensively in the construction industry for use behind cladding and soffit vents, allowing air flow but keeping out flies and mosquitoes.

The insect meshes is available in full roll quantities or by the metre. The standard 18 x 16 insect mesh is ideal for keeping out mosquitoes, flies, wasps, moths and all general flying insects. The full rolls of fly mesh come in two sizes of 1.2 metres and 1.8 metres wide by 30 metres long or you can purchase the mesh by the metre.

In addition to our standard 18 x 16 fly mesh we also have the fine 20/20 midge mesh to keep out the smaller flies.
Extra strong pet mesh is also available to help prevent damage caused by animals and we have a pollen mesh to help keep out allergens.

The insect mesh is manufactured from woven fibreglass strands, the strands are ultrasonically welded to securely lock them together and they are then coated in PVC which produces a very strong mesh which makes it very durable for day to day usage. As it is pliable it is very easy to work with and can be cut with sharp scissors or craft blades.

The life expectancy of our insect mesh is 20 years, under normal conditions, for use in building structures.