How to Guard Against Flies

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How to Guard Against Flies

When the first warm days arrive we will be already organising outdoor get togethers, whether it be house parties with friends or evenings spent by the barbecue with our families and loved ones, and the midges, flies and mosquitoes are already preparing to feast “with” us. Here is our mini guide to help you defend yourself against annoying flying insects
effectively and naturally.

1. Stay in the sun

The external skeleton of insects dries out very quickly in the sun and that’s why you only find them either in the house or during the evening and very rarely by the sea.

2. Insect Sprays

Common fly household fly sprays contain pyrethrins and pyrethroids, which are effective for a quick ‘knockdown’ of flies but in very high doses, these may have a negative effect on the human nervous system.

3. Fly Killing Units

We’ve all seen the glowing blue light of a fly killing unit in a local shop or takeaway. These are very effective against most flying insects but not all flies are attracted to them especially the common housefly.

4. Fly Screens

These are the most natural and effective at keeping flies out of your home or business. Fly screens offer total exclusion giving you a fly free and pesticide free environment for you to enjoy the free flow of fresh air without the annoying flying insects. There is a wide range of fly screens that will fit almost any window or door configuration, roller fly screens being the most unobtrusive through to magnetic fly screens which can be lifted off for storage in winter.

Premier Screens offer a full range of fly screens for either supply only or fully installed.

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