Enjoy Fresh Air with Insect Screens

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Enjoy Fresh Air with Insect Screens

Insects especially flying ones like mosquitos, bees, and flies are a big problem especially during the spring and summer months. As soon as the weather warms up insects start to multiply and this is the time that we all open the windows to catch some fresh air and sunshine. You can also check an interesting article on solitary bees in the UK

Insect Screens

Unfortunately, this allows insects into our home which are not only a nuisance but carriers of diseases. Luckily, there are window screens and door screens to keep them out of the living spaces.

If you a running a business be it food manufacturing, public house, restaurant or a school, insect screens are required to all opening windows and doors that lead into a food production or preparation area that are in line with food safety regulations.

The benefits of fly screens

Keep out the insects:
The fly screens will keep out all flying insects allowing you to enjoy fresh air.

Reduce decoration costs:
Flies leave unsightly marks wherever they alight, it is actually regurgitation marks from the insect, making re-decoration more frequent.

Healthier living:
If rooms aren’t aired frequently then mould can quickly form which disperse harmful spores. Our fly screens will allow you to get fresh air into your rooms without the added risk of flying insects.

Give you some privacy:
The fly screen provides some privacy. The traditional black mesh colour makes it difficult for outsiders to see inside the house especially a few meters away. However, you are able to see outside clearly. It is ideal for people or establishments that are located close to busy streets and walkways.

Save energy:
The fly and insect screens allow a natural flow of air into the room. The air helps keep the room cooler during hotter months without having to run an air conditioning system. This can be a great saving at the end of the month. Moreover, the screens also block UV rays and prevent direct rays from getting into the room this lowers heat build-up and prevents damage from ultra-violet rays.

The fly screens are of more value than just keeping the insects out of your home. Ensure that they are installed professionally without leaving openings so that you can enjoy all of the above benefits.

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