How Fly & Insect Screens Protect Your Business

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Insect and fly mesh

How Fly & Insect Screens Protect Your Business

We have many clients who buy fly and insect screens for their homes but over time we have seen an increase in sales for insect and fly screens for commercial clients too, which include offices, food establishments, and hotels. Below we detail how our fly screens can help protect your business from annoying insects.

Office Insect Screens

Over the past few years, we have noticed increased temperatures in summer, which leads to an increased flying insect population. We all know what it is like to sit in an office in the searing heat, it reduces the productivity of staff which means in the summer months businesses tend to have their air conditioning on full (If they have air-con) which can be expensive. An alternative to reduced concentration of staff and sky-high air conditioning bills fly screens and insect screens can be installed from Premier Environmental. Not only will this help cool your offices whilst at the same time protect your business from being infested with flies and insects, but it will also ensure your staff stay cool and focused on the job at hand and keep down your air-con costs.

Restaurants and Food Establishment Fly Screens

As those in the food industry know, there are strict regulations set by the FSA (Food Standards Agency) that instruct restaurants and food outlets to have insect prevention solutions in place to ensure hygiene standards are met. Flying insects can carry bacteria that can cause several health issues including salmonella so ensuring that there is an effective pest prevention solution in place is essential.

Our fly and insect screens are the perfect solution for this type of business. Not only do our screens protect your business from insects entering the property they also provide a good ventilation system for your kitchens, food preparation areas, and dining areas. Along with the protection our screens give your business, they are easy to maintain, clean, and very cost-effective.

Schools, Nurseries, Colleges and Universities

When it comes to hot weather in the summer, teachers and lecturers alike are all familiar with how difficult it can be to teach in hot conditions. Here at Premier Environmental, our insect screen solutions can be easily fitted to ensure that teaching classes are properly ventilated and protected from insects. Insects entering schools and such in the summer can be a particular risk in case a child is allergic to wasps or bee stings.

Insect and fly screens can also be fitted to kitchens, food establishments, and university laboratories to ensure these rooms do not become contaminated with bacteria from bugs that enter the building.

Retirement Homes and Care Homes

A lot of people in retirement and care homes don’t always get to experience fresh air as much as they might like, which is why Premier Environmental has the perfect solution for creating fresh-air ventilated and insect-free rooms for them to enjoy day in, day out. These screens not only give a good supply of fresh air they can stop vulnerable people who are more likely to have a bad reaction to a sting or bacteria from flies from becoming ill.

If you would like more information on what insect and fly screen solutions we have for your business please contact our team at Premier Environmental Ltd

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