Flyscreens Protecting you from diseases

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Flyscreens Protecting you from diseases

Flyscreens Protecting you from Diseases

The dangers of insect borne diseases over the years have been escalating because of changes in our climate and global warming. Flies and insects enter homes and work environments through open windows and doors; also they are attracted by bright lights and anything that possesses an aroma similar to food.

Dangers of allowing insects in your home or business

Food contamination is one way by which insects transmit diseases. The spread of disease by flies can be debilitating but the risk can be reduced.

The regular housefly is a known bearer of typhoid and dysentery. Flies are additionally thought to transmit campylobacter, the most widely recognised reason for food poisoning. Similarly, mosquitoes are dangerous because they can transmit many dangerous diseases, for example, malaria fever.

Well being and disease reduction is a high need in all business concerns, particularly in the food business. The use of fly screens can help business to comply with Food Safety Legislation, create a better working environment and reduce the risk of contamination, without the danger of using harmful poisonous insect sprays.

Fly screens in the home will allow you to have fresh air circulating around your rooms whilst keeping them fly free. Insect screens will also keep out all flying insects so if you have an allergy to Mosquito bites or suffer from Anaphylactic shock from stings or simply want to keep out spiders, fly screens will help you to achieve this.

Benefits of using flyscreens for your doors

Flyscreen doors can be used on most exit/entry doors to reduce the risk of flying insect entry.

Fly Screens for all types of Windows and Doors

Whether you have a multiple fold door system or single window and door openings, you can have a specially crafted flyscreen made to suit your requirements.


Flyscreen doors are exceedingly solid and will withstand daily use, and additionally they include a layer of protection for your windows and doors from the sun, wind and rain.

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