Hinged flyscreens for windows



Hinged Fly Screens for Windows

Our hinged fly screens are suitable for both Commercial and Residential windows and have been designed for ease of use and an effective fly screen solution for keeping out flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, midges and all other flying insects. They also keep out spiders and other crawling insects and there is even an option to keep out pollen!

These window fly screens are easy to install and can be fitted to the existing window frame, surrounding walls or onto a sub frame within a window reveal.

Hinged Window Fly Screens & Insect Screens

The hinged panel fly screens are normally supplied as kits but we can also custom build them to your bespoke sizes and we also offer a fitting service by our team of installers. The screens have a 30mm extruded aluminium profile finished in a white polyester coating or, by special order, we can colour code the frames to any RAL colour you require.

What will I receive in the kit?

All of our hinged fly screen kits will come with all the components to complete one fly screen to the size ordered

There will be four 30mm aluminium frames finished in a white polyester coating, which will be cut to your exact dimensions so you don’t have to carry out any cutting – let us make the cutting mistakes!

Four push in corner pieces to assemble the two screen panels

Four slide on/off hinges so you can set the screens up to be removed from your window if required, complete with screws

Two turn buttons to hold the fly screen panel in place, complete with screws

Enough mesh to complete the fly screen. You have the choice of our four colours of fly mesh, charcoal fly mesh, grey fly mesh, sand mesh and green mesh. You can also install the pet mesh, pollen mesh and midge meshes for the smallest of flies, all of which are easily cleaned by simply vacuuming

A mesh insertion tool and rubber gasket to hold the mesh firmly in place

The kits are available in any size you require and are pre-cut to your ordered dimensions, no messing around with hacksaws, just simply open the package and build the screen. However if you would prefer to cut them yourself just order an oversized screen. Just click on the ‘Online Quote’ icon to get an instant quote and order online.

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Build Instructions

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Image Gallery

hinged fly screen panel

Hinged Fly Screens

Aluminium extrusions finished in scratch resistant polyester coating that blend in seamlessly with existing frames making them almost invisible

fly screen hinges

Flyscreen hinge

The screens can be hinged from the top or sides and are easily removed with the lift off hinges

fly screen turn buttons

Turn Buttons

Heavy duty turn buttons that simply pivot to hold the fly screen in place against the window frame.

rear of fly screen frame

Rear of Fly Screen Frame

The image shows the 30mm rolled aluminium frame from the rear with the rubber gasket holding the mesh firmly in place

commercial panel fly screens


The insect screen against the window frame with the charcoal mesh.

fly screen kits

Kit components

All the components necessary to build 2 fly screen panels are supplied in each kit. You have the option to order pre cut profiles so you have no sawing to do or oversized kits if you are unsure of your dimensions

We also offer a fully manufactured option so the screens come ready assembled and a choice of 2 profiles, the 19mm residential and the 30mm commercial frame

fly screen mesh

Fly screen mesh

Choice of colours of mesh

We are often asked which is the most unobtrusive and the answer is the darker the mesh then the easier it is to see through. This is because dark colours absorb natural light whereas the lighter colours reflect the light making them more visible

So the answer is that the Charcoal mesh is the easiest to see through

buy online

Buy Online

All of our fly screens are available to buy online, click the icon to go to our secure online shop which has an online price calculator and full options to choose from

Hinged fly screens for commercial and domestic clients such as Savoy

Hinged fly screens

Our fly screens have been used in both commercial and residential applications, insist on the best.

food standards agency

Food Standards Agency

Our hinged fly screens are approved by the FSA and are fully compliant