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Sliding Fly Screens for University

Sliding Fly Screens London

How our sliding fly screen system was used at Kingston University to prevent flies from entering the halls of residence

The site

The halls of residence at Kingston University, London

The requirement

Eight blocks of flats are provided for the students at Kingston University, London. The flats are situated within a woodland and have the Hogsmill river passing between the buildings. This has resulted in swarms of flies and midges...

Insect Screens for Marks and Spencers

The site

New multi million pound Marks and Spencers distribution complex at Castle Donnington

The problem

The new M&S distribution depot at Castle Donnington has been built on reclaimed land and is surrounded by marsh land and vegetation which has resulted in the restaurant and offices attracting all the local flies which included mosquitoes. The problem was made worse as the operation is 24 hours so the lighting in the evening attracted even...

How Fly Screens & Insect Screens Protect Your Business

How Fly Screens & Insect Screens Protect Your Business

We have many clients who buy fly screens and insect screens for their homes but over time we have seen an increase in sales for insect and fly screens for commercial clients too, which include offices, food establishments and hotels. Below we detail how our fly screens can help protect your business from annoying insects.

Office Insect Screens

Over the past few years,...

Fly Screens for Morrisons

Our roller fly screen system to protect bakery

The site

Morrisons production bakery at Wakefield

The requirement

The two storey office block and staff canteen at the Wakefield bakery had opening windows which would allow flies to enter the offices and then possibly enter the production area through the internal doors. This was highlighted as too high a risk as food products come become contaminated by the flying insects.

The solution

Our roller fly screen system...

What is Insect / Fly mesh?

Insect mesh and Fly mesh are the same product just different names. Fly mesh can be manufactured in PVC coated fibreglass, Aluminium and Stainless steel. The difference in the meshes is that the fibreglass insect mesh has woven strands that are ultrasonically welded to securely lock them together, this ensures that the mesh keeps its original shape, even if accidentally knocked. The aluminium and stainless steel fly mesh are...

Enjoy Fresh Air with Insect Screens

Insects especially flying ones like mosquitos, bees, and flies are a big problem especially during the spring and summer months. As soon as the weather warms up insects start to multiply and this is the time that we all open the windows to catch some fresh air and sunshine. You can also check an interesting article on solitary bees in the UK Unfortunately, this allows insects into our home which...