Roller Fly Screens for Windows

Roller Fly Screens for Windows

£50.00 + vat

Premium grade, attractive roller fly screens that can be easily retracted away from sight when they aren’t needed, our Italian designed retractable fly screens are the perfect choice for homes and businesses and are one of our biggest sellers.

Providing a high level level of functionality and protection our bespoke roller fly screens will help to stop any flies, wasps, mosquitoes or spiders from entering your home during the summer months – and they can be simply rolled up in the winter when daylight is scarce and insects are much less of a problem.

The roller fly screens will blend in seamlessly with your existing window frames making them almost invisible.

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Roller Fly Screens


Retractable roller fly screens, slimline 40mm cassette housing up to 2300mm of mesh to suit all window types. The pull down bar creates the seal with the window sill as it has an integral brush pile, and if you don’t have a sill then we can supply base bars to create the seal. The roller fly screen system can be installed directly onto the window frame or into the window recess (reveal install)

Expanding End Caps


There is an option of 2 end caps. The face fit option has the slim end cap with no visible lugs and the reveal fit option will have the screw lugs and our unique expansion spring. This enables you to reveal install and allow up to 15mm tolerance in the dimension, no worries about getting the exact measurement as it will expand into the opening!

Durable Components


Nylon components and aluminium frames to ensure trouble free operation and a long durable life.

insect mesh options


There is a choice of our standard mosquito mesh which has 18/16 strands which is sufficient to help keep out most types of flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, spiders etc and it is available in grey decor or black mesh. The darker the mesh then the easier it is to see through as less light is reflected off the mesh.

midge mesh options


The midge mesh has a finer weave of 19/19 strands and it will help to keep out most small midges, as well as the larger flies, click here to check the mesh specification. This mesh has been specifically designed for use in our roller fly screen system with the aim of maximising air flow but helping to keep out the smaller midge type flies.

pet mesh options


There is also a choice of pet mesh, the meshes aren’t visibly different, they are treated to strengthen the mesh to help protect against occasional pet claw swipes. As with all animals, pets are individuals and we cannot
guarantee that a pet could not get through the mesh, so we would recommend using additional measures to keep pets indoors and to let them get accustomed to the mesh screen.

pollen mesh options


Pollen mesh which keeps out flies and also pollen and other allergens. Our pollen mesh is Cerified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) and prevents the access of air borne particles and is invaluable for hay fever sufferers. This product comes with our personal guarantee of effectiveness as a hay fever sufferer I can now sleep with my windows open! The mesh is a knitted polyester weave of 80 microns with a 0.8 aperture and is available in the grey colour

Sunox Insect Mesh


All our roller fly screen ranges now come with Sunox mesh as standard which is naturally antibacterial. Sunox mesh filters the air, preventing the formation of germs and bacteria and reducing the presence of polluting particles in the air.

Retractable fly screens


You can choose to have handles, pull cords, choice of pull weights or no base bar components at all and just use the decorative channel for operation

Roller fly screen brake


Optional internal brake that slows down the spring retraction system, this is especially useful where children may be using the screens

Roller fly screen handles


The roller fly screen can be assembled with handles to draw the mesh out of the cassette, or if you want a more streamlined look the groove where the handles slide can be used to operate the screen

Roller fly screen pull cord


Again there is a choice to have a pull cord or this can be left out of the unit, the image shows the pull cord with the standard end pull

Nickel pull


Choose from the standard nylon pull weight or the nickel pull for a more contemporary look

Roller fly screen guides


The side guides have an integral brush pile which ensures a complete seal with the insect mesh so no insects can pass through

Side guide


Our standard side guide comes with an integral brush pile to create the seal with the fly mesh

Side guide pile


If you live in a windy area then consider having our interlocking wind pile installed, the filaments lock into the mesh to hold it in position

Base bar


This is used where there is no window sill to seal to, the base bar is screwed to the window frame and the roller fly screen sits within it

Roller fly screen end catch


Our standard base catch comes in white to match the cassette and sits on the external of the side guide. The catch is adjusted by turning the brass screw, just in case your window sills aren’t flat, this catch is recommended for use with the midge mesh

Roller fly screen internal catch


There is the alternative internal catch which fits neatly into the side guide but isn’t adjustable

How to measure for fly screens


Click Here for instructions on taking measurements for your roller fly screens

Roller Fly Screens – Bespoke Sizes or Fitted By Experts

Our retractable fly screens for windows can be purchased in bespoke sizes with the cassettes ready assembled to your own precise measurements at trade prices! We also offer a professional fitting service for residential and commercial customers across the UK.

Retractable Insect & Fly Screens for Your Windows

How do our roller fly screen systems work?

The insect mesh is housed inside the aluminium cassette out of view and is kept taut by a tensioned spring, which is out of view, inside the cassette. The end of the mesh is held by a handle bar which enables you to draw the mesh out of the cassette and down over the open window. From the head of the cassette down to the window sill are two side guides, which allow the mesh to travel along and also creates a seal to help prevent any flies from entering your room.

Once the mesh has been pulled down to cover the window, the handle bar is held in place by clips which are fixed into the side guides, these prevent the mesh from retracting until you are ready to close the screen. When you release the handle bar from the clips the retraction spring takes the mesh back into the cassette.

Our pull down, window screens are easy to install and form a fully sealed unit to the window frame or reveal – helping to keep out all flying insects.