Chain Fly Screens for Doors

Aluminium Chain Fly Screens from a UK Manufaturer



Chain Fly Screens for Doors

Highly functional yet easy to maintain, our chain link fly screens are modern and stylish, and look great in every room of the house. The metal chain fly screens are simple to clean and the perfect choice for anyone seeking to keep flies and other winged insects out of the kitchen or living room on the hottest of days of the year whilst letting a cool breeze to circulate freely.

In addition to providing chain door fly screens for smaller doorways, we also offer larger aluminium insect screens for bigger entrances. Our aluminium chain fly screens are supplied made to measure and also available in self-assembly DIY kits suitable for conservatory, patio, or any doorway that you need to screen. We also manufacture the chain fly screens for use as room dividers and large scale displays.

Once fitted, our durable fly chain screen systems will allow easy access through any public doorway or corridor whilst additionally blocking out airborne debris such as leaves.

Chain Door Fly Screens For Commercial and Residential Use

We can manufacture the chain fly screens to any dimension you may require in our durable, fully anodised aluminium which is guaranteed to be totally rust proof and can be used inside and out, protecting your home or business property from all types of flying insects. Our standard colours are Silver and Gunmental Grey which are UV stabilised and will not fade in the sun unlike the brighter colours. We also manufacture these screens in striped patterns which are superbly functional and visually attractive.

Aluminium chain screens are very versatile and suitable for all types of doorways including single doors, patio doors, French doors, conservatories – and they are also a low cost solution for caravans and boats.

If you have any questions about our chain metal screens for doors or any of our other products, we are always happy to help and advise to ensure you get the most appropriate insect screen system for your needs.

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Aluminium chain fly screens

Aluminium chain fly screens

High quality anodised aluminium chains that are designed to give a smooth ‘soft touch’ feel that are tangle free and anti snagging. Unlike cheaper brands our links are highly anodised and polished to give a super smooth finish that will continue to look new after years of use

chain fly screens

Easy Access

The chain fly screens allow easy access simply falling back into place protecting your rooms from flying insects

They are suitable for commercial and residential doors and windows and are also pet friendly with an easy walk through design

chain fly screens for doors

chain fly screens for doors

Our chain fly screens are suitable for commercial and domestic doorways keeping flying insects out, allowing fresh air to flow indoors and providing a degree of privacy from the outside but easy to see through from inside

gunmetal grey chain fly screens

Gunmental grey chains

The chains are available in bright silver and gunmetal grey

chain fly screens for conservatory doors

Chain fly screens for conservatories

Our chain fly screens can be manufactured to any dimension required

chain fly screens as room dividers

Chain screens

Chain fly screens are very versatile and have been used as room dividers

decorative chain fly screens

Decorative chain fly screens

Chain fly screens as displays. We have manufactured many display chain curtains and our largest project was for a west end opera where we created a backdrop for a stage using over 30,000 metres of chain at display lengths of over 8 metres in length.

chain fly screen fixings


There are 2 ways to hang a chain fly screen, either by the brackets which are fixed to the head of the door or with screws, again in the head of the door and the lip of the hanging bar sits on top of the screw heads

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All of our fly screens are available to buy online, click the icon to go to our secure online shop which has an online price calculator and full options to choose from

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