Fly Mesh By The Metre – 1.2m Wide

£10.00 + vat

Minimum order is 2 metres

Our insect mesh is 1.2 metres wide and is weaved from PVC coated fibreglass giving an 18 x 16 gauge which will keep out mosquitoes and houseflies and most general flying insects.

It is available in Black, Grey, and White and the material is the industry standard very flexible and rot proof, manufactured to ISO 1421

Just select your colour and length required, if ordering more than 1 metre it will come in a continuous length.


18 x 16 standard mesh

Construction – fibreglass / PVC ultrasonically welded

Density – warp 18 / weft 16 (18 / 16 threads per inch), approx 66% openness factor

Weight – grams per sq mtr / ca. 12g +/- 10%

Thickness – ca 0.29mm +/- 0.05%

Resistance to temperature – -35c to +80c

Fly Mesh Colour
Metre Lengths (mts)
Product Price: 10.00
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