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How Fly & Insect Screens Protect Your Business

We have many clients who buy fly and insect screens for their homes but over time we have seen an increase in sales for insect and fly screens for commercial clients too, which include offices, food establishments, and hotels. Below we detail how our fly screens can help protect your business from annoying insects. Office Insect Screens Over the past few years, we have noticed increased temperatures in summer, which leads to...

Fly Screens for United Utilities

How our roller fly screens system was used to reduce carbon footprint

The sites

Water treatment plants throughout the Northwest of England

The requirement

Flies are an obvious problem around wastewater treatment plants, with very small owl midges and drain flies, and until recently the on-site offices had air conditioning installed in them. With a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint, and reduce emissions, United Utilities were looking for new...