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The Common Types of Fly Screens Suitable for Domestic Use

Fly screens for doors and windows are available in three varieties. In most places in the UK, they are marketed as the standard, retractable and magnetic screens. Keeping the styles aside, there are further differences that exist between these three kinds of fly screens UK. The difference lies in the use of the material. Mesh Materials For convenience and affectivity of functions, fly screens are made using different materials. While some [...]

How to Guard Against Flies

When the first warm days arrive we will be already organizing outdoor get togethers, whether it be house parties with friends or evenings spent by the barbecue with our families and loved ones, and the midges, flies and mosquitoes are already preparing to feast “with” us. Here is our mini guide to help you defend yourself against annoying flying insects effectively and naturally. 1. Stay in the sun The external skeleton of [...]

Fly Screens and Their Designs

Houseflies alone are a potential carrier of virulent diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, TB and salmonella. If you go into counting the other sub-species of carriers and the threats they can bring home, then the possibility of diseases being spread in your home is already at an alarming level. So, how do you protect your home from these disease-bearing visitors?Flyscreens are the best possible solution that keeps pests and [...]