Fly Screens

Sliding Fly Screens for University

Sliding Fly Screens LondonHow our sliding fly screen system was used at Kingston University to prevent flies from entering the halls of residenceThe siteThe halls of residence at Kingston University, LondonThe requirementEight blocks of flats are provided for the students at Kingston University, London. The flats are situated within a woodland and have the Hogsmill river passing between the buildings. This has resulted in swarms of flies and midges [...]


Fly Screens for Marks and Spencers

The siteNew multi million pound Marks and Spencers distribution complex at Castle DonningtonThe problemThe new M&S distribution depot at Castle Donnington has been built on reclaimed land and is surrounded by marsh land and vegetation which has resulted in the restaurant and offices attracting all the local flies which included mosquitoes. The problem was made worse as the operation is 24 hours so the lighting in the evening attracted [...]


Health Risks of Flies

Flies are a nuisance pest, particularly in the warmer months of the year, but many people are not aware of the health risks of diseases from flies. This is why our team of experts at Premier Environmental Ltd have put together this blog post on the health risks flies pose and what you can do to combat this. Flies often become contaminated with over 100 pathogens that can cause human [...]


Flyscreens Protecting you from diseases

Flyscreens The dangers of insect borne diseases over the years have been escalating because of changes in our climate and global warming. Flies and insects enter homes and work environments through open windows and doors; also they are attracted by bright lights and anything that possesses an aroma similar to food. Dangers of allowing insects in your home or business Food contamination is one way by which insects transmit diseases. The spread [...]